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Freshwater Bowfishing 

4-hour night charter in the clear freshwater and canals of the Everglades, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, targeting invasive and non-game species: blue tilapia, mayan cichlid, oscar,

pleco, bowfin,gar, snakehead and

clown knife fish.


Saltwater Bowfishing

4-hour night charters launching out of various locations in Miami, targeting non-game fish such as southern stingray, barracuda, sheepshead, mangrove snapper, striped mullet & more. 


4-hour Iguana hunting by boat, launching out of various locations in Miami-Dade.  Day-time hunts only.  Help put a dent in the invasive population.   We use blowguns for our equipment.  We've had many people ask us if we use air rifles on our charters.  It is ILLEGAL to discharge air rifles in many public spaces (treated the same as firearms).  Every county, city, town has their own weapons restrictions.  Most do not allow air rifles.  We do not use air rifles on our boat charters.  It is also illegal to use bows and arrows in most of Miami-Dade county as well.  All iguanas harvested are removed by us and properly disposed of. 

Our custom blowguns, built specifically for iguana hunting, have professionally attached fishing line and reels.  Like hook and line used for fishing, this increases your chances at retrieving your harvest tremendously.  This also avoids the chances of accidental discharge and damage to someone's property when a customer misses.  We try our best to respect our waterways and the people that live nearby. 


Beware of startup iguana hunting guides(look for reviews), popping up every day, not licensed to do business in their respective county or insured.  We are the very first company to offer Iguana Hunts since 2017 in South Florida and our Google and Facebook reviews speak for themselves.




Lobster Bullynetting


Seasonal. Launching out of Homestead Bayfront Park Marina to the outer flats of the Biscayne National Park in search of the Spiny Lobster. 

This is a 4-hour night charter bullynetting for spiny lobster during the 2-day mini season and the 1st week of the regular lobster season.  We travel outside the Lobster Marine Sanctuary to undisclosed locations that yield good numbers of lobsters. 

We use specialized bully nets to drop on top of the lobsters at night under lights and use a technique to quickly get the lobster to swim into our net so we can bring them aboard.  We check to ensure the lobsters are of legal size and keep up to the limit of 6 lobsters per person.  

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