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This is what our clients are saying about us

Bryan M.

July  2020

Amazing trip, so good I’m ready to book it again! Super challenging and rewarding, it was essentially a hunting trip on the water. Saw so much sea life and Capt Donovan was very skilled. You won’t be disappointed.

Trip Advisor

Neil G.

July  2020

We had so much fun with Capt. Donovan! He had everything ready for us, so all we had to do was show up and get on the boat. He was super patient with us and definitely knows his stuff.....and he cleaned/filet our catch so we could eat it.
We look forward to joining Arrow Assault again for another adventure - will definitely bring some friends along for it.
Thanks again Captain Donovan!

Trip Advisor


Feb  2020

This was our third trip with Arrow Assault And this time our wives joined us. My only complaint is that Kim and Jane completely out shot us and I’m pretty sure I will never hear the end of it!! We had an awesome trip and Donovan was great as always. Not only did we slay some Tilapia in the Everglades, he filleted the fish for us and gave us a great recipe! The ceviche was perfect!

Trip Advisor


Jan  2020

My daughters and I booked both iguana and bow fishing trips with Donovan. They were one of the highlights of our vacation. Donovan has a way of engaging even easily bored children and showing them a great time. Our youngest was not planning to bow fish, but after spending the morning iguana hunting with Donovan, she was persuaded to spend the evening bow fishing and had a great time, despite only shooting one fish. My other daughter and I were highly successful bowfishing. It is still in for debate who has ultimate bragging rights on the biggest kill. Not sure who had more fun, Donovan or us. Would not hesitate to recommend either trip, or both, to anyone considering. You will not be disappointed!

Trip Advisor

Brady B.

Feb  2020

Had an amazing time out with Donovan. Very funny, cool, and knowledgeable dude. Brought us out to the everglades to get some tilapia. Some of us were well versed with the bows and other weren't. But we all equally had a great time. Were shown exactly how to make it all happen, with some amazing equipment. Overall great experience would recommend it to anyone interested! Definitely coming back for more.

Trip Advisor

Bill Hoyt

March  2020

My wife and I had so much fun with captain Donavan, we saw hundreds of iguanas and shot a pile too. We bowfished the same night and had a blast and shot 8 different species including a beautiful white tilapia! My wife and I will be back next year for sure! Anyone on the fence about booking you need to do this! He knows all the honey holes and you will be entertained the whole day or night!

Trip Advisor

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